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July 2017

Maddison Multimedia Web Design and Digital Advertising Blog ~ Musings and Observations

Tokyo Olympics forced to change logo following accusations it was plagiarised

As a designer, you're always looking for inspiration from, well, anywhere you can get it really, and the tricky part is often to use what's inspiring you to help develop your own concept rather than to just pinch the best bits, apply a thinly veiled disguise and use them as if they're your own. This logo for the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020 either falls into the latter category, or it is a huge coincidence. I'll leave you to decide which.

Inside Abbey Road with Google

This is AWESOME! If you're a music fan, everyone from Elgar to the Beatles, to Amy Winehouse to Sam Smith has recorded at Abbey Road, and now you can get a feel for what it's like inside with this interactive Google feature. You will love it. They might want to steal all our data but as long as they do things like this, it's fine with me! Check it out here.

The UK is the first country in the world where half of all money spent on advertising is on digital

Just over £16 billion will be spent on advertising in 2015, including TV advertising, newsprint, billboard advertising and web based ads, and over £8 billion of that will be spent on digital media, digital advertising growing around 12% from last year. Read more about digital media spend in 2015 here

Rest in Peace Internet Explorer

Microsoft is killing the Internet Explorer brand, and its next browser will have a new name. Presumably the bug...err, sorry, quirks will remain. rel="nofollow">Read more here...

Hello Barbie - Doll that spies on your children & sends info to the makers over the internet in the shops by Christmas! Yours for just £50

Mattel has created a prototype of a Barbie 'Hello Barbie' that responds to things your child says to it. But here's the catch: In order to learn how to best answer your child, what your child says is recorded and send via a wifi connection, over the internet to the makers who then keep the recordings to do with what they wish. As this article says, what could possibly go wrong??

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